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Aircraft Charter

Chartright is a leading provider of air charter in Canada. An incredibly diverse fleet, impeccable safety record, and two decades of industry experience make Chartright an industry authority and the obvious solution for clients seeking service reliability and choice.

The vast majority of Chartright charter clientele are repetitive clients – individuals and organizations who regularly use charter aircraft and who have established and unwavering demands. Chartright’s attention to detail, ability to match specific aircraft to specific needs, and “get it done” orientation, has created a loyal customer group with high expectations.

The Chartright fleet comfortably and effectively accommodates flights as short as Toronto to Muskoka (100 miles) or as long as Vancouver to Moscow. Whether traveling for business or pleasure the Chartright fleet can efficiently accommodate groups of up to 12 passengers in exquisite comfort. Stand-up cabins, full lavatories, berth-able seats, movies, meals, wines, games, music - are all amenities available on board a Chartright aircraft. Charter clients are invited to construct the environment that best suits their journey.

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