Regina Location

Office Address
3035 Tutor Drive
Regina, SK
S4W 1B5

Toll free1-800-595-9395

Regina is a newer base location for Chartright that was created in response to local aircraft owners’ requirements. Its geographical location makes the use of private aircraft for business a valuable, effective, and efficient method of transportation. Regina’s growing business sector is creating greater charter demand for private aircraft in all categories.

Chartright is proud to offer exclusive private charter flights in Regina and the surrounding areas. As one of the top providers of charter flights in Canada, we are dedicated to bringing our clients a high standard of service in all respects. Chartright can take care of every detail when it comes to your jet charter in Regina. From selecting the most appropriate aircraft for your needs, to arranging meals, wine and entertainment for your flight, our team will ensure you enjoy a comfortable, efficient and safe journey – no matter your destination.

To price your charter flight from Regina, or to learn more about our private jet charter services, contact Chartright. Call us toll free at 1-800-595-9395 for more information.

Airport: Regina International Airport (CYQR)
Number of Buildings: 1
Hangar Space: 8,000 sq ft+
FBO/Departure Facility: Shell Westwind Aviation YQR
Aircraft Maintenance Staff Onsite: Yes
Onsite Personnel: 2
Age of Base: 2 years
Type of Air Operating Authority: Private & Commercial
Charter Available Aircraft: Yes

Services Offered in Regina: aircraft charter, private jet charter, jet rental, aircraft management, and aircraft maintenance services