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Helicopter & Private Jet Charter, Management & Maintenance

Chartright Air is a leading provider of helicopter and private jet charter, aircraft management, and maintenance services across Canada. An incredibly diverse fleet, impeccable safety record, and over three decades of industry experience make Chartright an industry authority.  Chartright is the obvious solution for clients seeking excellent service, reliability, and choice. No matter where your next journey takes you, Chartright can arrange a safe and efficient travel solution across the country or across the world.

To learn more about our private jet and helicopter charter, aircraft management, and maintenance services, contact us online or call 1-800-595-9395


Our pilots

Know that you are in good hands with Chartright’s safe and competent pilots.  All Chartright pilots train annually and receive annual and bi-annual medical examinations. Chartright pilots are assisted in their duties by a full range of operational support staff and a well-developed and tested series of operational directives. All pilots are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Management solutions
Management solutions


In partnership with our employees and owners, Chartright focuses on making sound business decisions while maintaining the utmost safety.  With safety as a pillar of our business, we ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors, agents, and associated companies, while meeting applicable regulations and maintaining elite safety ratings.

Through our Safety Management System, we engage our employees and management through continuous learning and establishing safety performance goals. We hold each employee accountable as a safety citizen, while ensuring oversight of the safety system through inspections and the audit process. We keep abreast of industry trends, ensuring that updated knowledge and training is transmitted throughout our organization. We care about our customers through our safe work practices.

Flight operations

Chartright’s Flight Coordination Centre (FCC) personnel are highly trained individuals responsible for the scheduling and dispatching of client aircraft and helicopter services. Whether the aircraft is engaged for charter or by the owner, FCC will exercise operational control and ensure each flight itinerary is fully planned and resources appropriately assigned.

FCC is always open and available to clients 24/7.  Chartright does not employ an answering service, so all calls are answered by a Chartright staff member regardless of the time of day.

Client Account Manager (CAM)

To better serve our aircraft owners, Chartright will assign a dedicated Client Account Manager (CAM) to oversee all aspects of the owner’s aircraft and to serve as the primary point of contact for reservations and flight planning information.  CAMs are senior Flight Coordinators who have received extensive training in maintenance coordination, invoicing, dispatch, crew scheduling, etc. As a result of this training, CAMs can easily navigate through the different departments to get answers to any owner question. In brief, a CAM is the owner’s advocate for all matters relating to the aircraft.

Founded in 1987
Founded in 1987

Executive contact

Chartright clients have a dedicated executive contact who is available to handle any complex inquiry, problem, comment, or suggestion you may have.


Client service portal (CSP)

Chartright’s Client Service Portal (CSP) is a proprietary, web-enabled program available exclusively to our aircraft owners. The CSP gives owners the ability to access comprehensive financial and operating information pertaining to their managed aircraft.

Access to the Chartright CSP is via the Internet using either a web browser or mobile device.  The CSP is encrypted, thus a login and password is required. Upon logging into the CSP you will immediately gain access to:

  • Flight Activity
  • Charter Activity
  • Aircraft Operational Statistics
  • Cost and Revenue Drill-down Reports
  • Accounting Documents

Data contained in the CSP can be customized by the Owner to display in a variety of viewing modes that best suit the preferences of the reader. The level of detail available can range from high-level overview to specific details.

Cabin services

A well-equipped aircraft cabin will help ensure that your time on board the aircraft is comfortable and familiar. Blankets, pillows, wines, snacks, movies, and reading material all contribute to your in-flight experience. Chartright works diligently to ensure the cabin of your aircraft is equipped to your exact specifications. In coordination with your flight crew, Chartright’s Cabin Service Manager will confirm your aircraft cabin is properly equipped and maintained. Regular inspections are performed on your cabin environment to ensure it is always equipped and ready to fly at a moment’s notice.

If your aircraft is to be used by others, your personal items will be removed to secure storage and the cabin of the aircraft will be equipped with standard charter accoutrements.

Management solutions
Management solutions

Dangerous goods consideration

The following items are considered Dangerous Goods and must be given special consideration. Please contact Chartright well in advance of your flight if you are considering bringing any of the following items on board.

  • Batteries – wet cell batteries or lithium batteries shipped in bulk
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Corrosive items
  • Explosives
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Flammable items (eg. Butane, propane, etc)
  • Gasoline powered equipment
  • Oxidizing materials (eg. bleaching powder and peroxides)
  • Oxygen for medical purposes
  • Paint
  • Poison
  • Radioactive materials
  • Repellants (eg. dye witness spray, mace and pepper spray)

Aircraft guide

Chartright’s Aircraft Guide is the largest distributed Private Jet Resource Publication in Canada. Presented within the guide are aircraft performance statistics, charter rates, operating costs and purchase prices for 22 of the most popular business aircraft in today’s market.

The figures and values recorded in the guide are, in the opinion of Chartright Air Group, reliable and realistic.  Best-case scenarios are not the basis of the guide.  The data presented within the air charter guide fairly represents the performance and value of individual aircraft in a format that allows for easy comparison. Many of the aircraft described within this guide are operated by Chartright Air Group.

Understanding the ins and outs of corporate aircraft charters, the associated costs, maintenance requirements and financial outlook is essential when you are considering purchasing or chartering a private aircraft. Get in touch with us today to speak with an aircraft charter expert. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about corporate aircraft charters, aircraft maintenance, or for advice on purchasing your own private jet.

Click below to download the digital version of our aircraft guide or contact us to receive a high-quality, printed guide in the mail.

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Founded in 1987


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Over 30 years of experience in chartering, managing, and maintaining aircraft



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