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Aircraft Management & Chartering Services

Chartright manages over 45 private aircraft in addition to a fleet of available charter aircraft. Our aircraft management services are uniquely tailored to each aircraft owner’s requirements. With the average aircraft generating over $800,000 per year in charter revenue, many of our aircraft owners choose to charter out their aircraft to help offset their costs.  Aircraft owners will benefit from 24-hour access to our online client service portal to view their aircraft’s operating performance and billing transparency to the dollar.

Need assistance with purchasing an aircraft?  We can help with that!  We operate a number of different types of aircraft, and “We’ve seen the bills”.

To learn more about our aircraft charter, management, maintenance and purchasing solutions, contact us online or call 1-800-595-9395.

Private Flight Department

Utilize the benefits of your own private flight department under one roof without the costs of doing it on your own by having Chartright manage your aircraft.  You could experience an average savings of $200,000+ yearly by consolidating expenses and creating purchasing and operating efficiency.


Full service aircraft management with charter

Aircraft owners have full discretion over when and if they want their aircraft chartered so they always have access to their asset. Revenue earned from charter can significantly offset an owner’s fixed cost of operation, however, the decision to charter is left entirely to the owner.

Chartright offers a fleet access hour exchange program where aircraft owners have the ability to exchange hours on each other’s aircraft either to better suit their trip profile or because their aircraft is unavailable. Chartright acts as the clearing house of charter hours and administers the hour exchange program so no owner-to-owner interaction is required.

The average charter aircraft generates over $800,000 per year in charter revenue for the owners. With Chartright’s full service aircraft management with charter, owners will benefit from:

  • Dedicated flight crew
  • 24/7 in-office dispatch and flight support
  • Dedicated Client Account Manager (CAM)
  • Insurance
  • Hangar
  • Flight crew training
  • Private/Commercial operating authority
  • Billing transparency to the dollar
  • 24/7 online access to flight schedule and billing
  • Complete aircraft maintenance support and tracking
  • Parts purchasing and inventory control
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safety management
  • Climate controlled food and wine storage
  • Personal aircraft locker to house comfort items and personal belongings
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Aircraft management agreement

As a manager, Chartright will assume regulatory custody of a client’s aircraft and will create a management agreement identifying the terms of custody. Chartright’s management agreements are fluid and identify the specific business and operational requirements of individual clients. Once identified, these requirements form the basis of the “performance relationship” between the client and Chartright.

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Purchasing an Aircraft?

If you are considering purchasing an aircraft, chat with us about it. We operate a number of different types of aircraft, and “We’ve seen the bills”. Our advice is free, and we want to make sure you purchase the aircraft that helps you achieve your travel objectives while not punishing you financially in the process.

Purchasing Rule of Thumb:

Older aircraft cost considerably less to purchase but more to operate per hour thereby putting pressure on charter revenue earned, if charter is an objective. The older an aircraft gets, the more parts it consumes, which requires more scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance and downtime.

Newer aircraft cost more to purchase but offer lower operating costs because of their design, avionics and engine efficiencies. Many new aircraft are also covered under warranty. This equates to lower overall costs of operation and greater margins if the aircraft is put out for charter.

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