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Leading Provider of Helicopter Services

Chartright Executive Helicopters is a leading provider of helicopter services in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. An incredibly diverse fleet, impeccable safety record, and over three decades of industry experience make Chartright an industry authority. Chartright is the obvious solution for clients seeking excellent service, reliability, and choice. No matter where your next journey takes you, Chartright can arrange a safe and efficient travel solution.

To learn more about our helicopter charter, management, and maintenance services, including AgustaWestland maintenance, contact us online or call 1-800-595-9395.

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Helicopter management

The operation, charter, and rental of a helicopter is a complex undertaking, and a variety of experience and capability must be employed  to ensure that the machine is operated safely, legally, and efficiently. Helicopter owners are faced with the expensive prospect of either hiring the staff members necessary to support a flight operation or developing the time-consuming skills necessary in-house. Chartright Executive Helicopters offers an effective solution to this dilemma with our helicopter management services.

Helicopter owners subscribing to Chartright’s management services receive a complete turn-key aviation department but at a fraction of the cost. Owners wishing to arrange a flight on their helicopter simply contact Chartright’s 24/7 Operations Department and provide trip details; every other detail of the flight is arranged by Chartright. With Chartright’s full service helicopter management, owners will benefit from:

  • Dedicated flight crew
  • 24/7 in-office dispatch and flight support
  • Dedicated Client Account Manager (CAM)
  • Insurance
  • Hangar
  • Flight crew training
  • Private/Commercial operating authority
  • Billing transparency to the dollar
  • 24/7 online access to flight schedule and billing
  • Complete aircraft maintenance support and tracking
  • Parts purchasing and inventory control
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safety management
  • Climate controlled food and wine storage
  • Personal aircraft locker to house comfort items and personal belongings
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Chartering out your helicopter

Aircraft owners have full discretion over when and if they want their helicopter chartered out so they always have access to their asset. Revenue earned from charter can significantly offset an owner’s fixed cost of operation, however, the decision to charter is left entirely to the owner.

For owners who wish to have their helicopter made available for charter, Chartright maintains a significant Sales & Marketing staff who are able to sell large portions of unused capacity in the Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary air charter market.

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Helicopter management agreement

As a manager, Chartright will assume regulatory custody of a client’s helicopter and will create a management agreement identifying the terms of custody. Chartright’s helicopter management agreements are fluid and identify the specific business and operational requirements of individual clients. Once identified, these requirements form the basis of the “performance relationship” between the client and Chartright.

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Helicopter rental

Planning a golf trip in Muskoka, visiting Niagara wine country, or wanting to get away to your cottage in Haliburton? Avoid the traffic headaches and charter one of our reliable helicopters to get you there quickly, easily, and safely.

Getting married? We frequently rent our helicopter for weddings. Arrive to your ceremony or reception in style!

Click here to view the map of some of the helipads across the GTA.

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Helicopter maintenance

Chartright is a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) with an approved Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Maintenance Implementation Procedures (MIP) and is licensed to maintain a wide variety of aircraft. Chartright’s aircraft maintenance engineers receive regular training on the aircraft types they work on and are able to perform a broad range of maintenance tasks at each base airport location.

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AgustaWestland authorized service centre

Chartright Executive Helicopters is an AgustaWestland Authorized Service Centre and is fully qualified and equipped to perform maintenance activities for the AW109 Power, Grand, GrandNew, AW139, and all variants of the AW119.

Chartright provides the following maintenance services:

  • Heavy Maintenance
  • Line Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • AOG Response
  • ADs/SBs
  • Avionics
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Tech Records Review

We pride ourselves on providing the high quality and efficient level of service that our clients value. Our vastly experienced in-house AgustaWestland maintenance engineers are provided the resources and support systems needed for them to perform at the highest standards. For further information, contact Simon Lareau, Chartright’s AgustaWestland service centre manager and rotary production manager.

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Purchasing a helicopter?

If you are considering purchasing a helicopter, chat with us about it. We operate a number of different types of aircraft, and “We’ve seen the bills”. Our advice is free, and we want to make sure you purchase the rotorcraft that helps you achieve your travel objectives while not punishing you financially in the process.

Purchasing Rule of Thumb:

Older helicopters cost considerably less to purchase but more to operate per hour thereby putting pressure on charter revenue earned, if charter is an objective. The older an aircraft gets, the more parts it consumes, which requires more scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance and downtime.

Newer helicopters cost more to purchase but offer lower operating costs because of their design, avionics and engine efficiencies. Many new aircraft are also covered under warranty. This equates to lower overall costs of operation and greater margins if the aircraft is put out for charter.

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