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Air Charter Flights & Private Jet Rental

We are proud to offer superior air charter services and private jet rental to our clients across Canada. Whether looking to book an air charter flight for business or pleasure, our range of aircraft can accommodate 1 to 100 passengers comfortably. No matter where your next journey takes you, Chartright can arrange an efficient travel solution across the country or across the world. Our private jet rental options represent a convenient and secure solution for a number of travel profiles; there are no security lines, and no wait times. From the moment of parking for free in our lot, or having valet escort your vehicle to the aircraft, boarding takes less than 5 minutes. Chartright boasts an impeccable safety record and offers the highest level of service throughout the entire private jet booking process. Our staff understand the high expectations of our clients, and we can tailor each flight to meet their specific requirements. 

Why Chartright?

With more than two decades of experience in the air charter service industry, our relationship based approach and transparency provide the foundation for cost effective, safe, and reliable service that goes beyond the capabilities of our competition. We make it simple to arrange an air charter flight. Simply call us or email us and we’ll take care of the rest.

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