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  1. Benefits of Private Charter

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    There are many benefits of chartering your own private jet, and travelling in luxury is certainly one of them. The real advantages to private charter, however, are time savings, increased productivity, convenience, privacy, and security.


    Time Savings

    Chartered aircraft can fly to smaller airports where larger commercial flights can’t use, so you can land closer to your ultimate destination and spend less time traveling by land.

    Have the freedom to plan a direct route that major airlines may not take, eliminating the stress and time of making a connecting flight.

    When you arrive at your destination, you do not have to wait for your bags at baggage claim or worry about lost luggage.

    Chartright can arrange to have ground transportation ready for you when you arrive at the airport.

    Charter also saves you the time of:

    • Finding parking
    • Inconvenient luggage checking procedures
    • Long security lines
    • Walking from one airport terminal to another
    • Overbooked or delayed flights
    • Waiting in line at Customs for international flights


    Increased Productivity

    With private charter, you do not have to arrive at the airport hours before takeoff. You simply arrive, take off, land, and proceed to where you need to go.

    With no security lines, no crowded airports, and no wait times, boarding the aircraft takes less than five minutes from the moment you exit your vehicle.

    During your private flight, you can work or rest in comfort, free of distractions and interruptions from chatty strangers.


    Exceptional Convenience & Comfort

    Commercial airlines cannot replicate the convenience that private charter offers. Chartright tailors the flight itinerary to your needs and operate on your schedule.

    You can request gourmet catering and special accoutrements, such as special linens or copies of your favourite magazine.

    Have the comfort and convenience of bringing up to 16 passengers with you on a personal or business trip flying solely with your friends, family, or business associates.

    Private charter revolves around your needs and comfort!


    Privacy & Security

    With private charter, you share your space only with the people in your group. This greatly enhances the security of your flight so you can:

    • Bring items of value with you without worrying about them being lost or stolen
    • Have confidential conversations with colleagues or clients
    • Catch up with your family in private



    If you have travelled first class on a commercial airline, you have had only a small taste of what it is like to fly on a private charter. There is nothing quite like the comfort, privacy, and luxury of your own private flight:

    • Spacious cabins
    • Large, luxurious seats
    • Your own onboard lavatory that you do not have to share with strangers
    • Customized catering and accoutrements to your preferences


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