Chartright Adds a Lear 45XR to its Charter Fleet in Toronto

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  1. Chartright Adds a Lear 45XR to its Charter Fleet in Toronto

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    Chartright is proud to add a Lear 45XR (C-GNSC) to its charter fleet in Toronto.

    The Lear 45XR is a modern light jet capable of flying 8 passengers up to 1,700 nm; a distance of 300 nm more than the Lear 45. It is fast, well appointed and particularly suited for short and medium range operations. The Lear 45XR also offers a competitive tariff rate and excellent value in the light jet category.


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  2. Saturns Drives Meet & Cruise Event at Chartright in Kitchener

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    Nothing screams “summer is here!” like an outdoor event with planes, exotic cars, and a food truck! On Sunday, June 11th, Chartright hosted the Saturns Drives Meet & Cruise event at our hangar at the Kitchener/Waterloo Airport (CYKF), and what a perfect, sunny day it was to host this event.

    Saturns Drives is an exclusive, exotic car club where they plan drives to different destinations around Southern Ontario.  The cars meetup somewhere in the GTA and then all drive together to their destination.  Over 70 exotic cars – Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati, you name it! – met in the Mississauga area and cruised together to our hangar in Kitchener. Imagine being on the highway that day and seeing the long line of exotics all driving together!

    We had on display our Bombardier Global XRS jet and AgustaWestland AW109SP GrandNew helicopter. Everyone had the opportunity to go onboard both the aircraft and ask the pilots questions..and there were lots of questions!  We also had in our hangar a Dassault Falcon 2000 that was undergoing heavy maintenance.  Very interesting to see the internal guts of a plane!

    Chartright had the Curb Crave food truck out to make sure no one went hungry, and we dined on burgers, wings, poutine, and TanDo roti tacos.  All-in-all, it was a great day!  Check out the video and pictures from the event below.

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    Saturns Drives Pre-event Photoshoot

    A few weeks prior to the Saturns Drives main event, we had a photoshoot at our Kitchener hangar.  Check out the pictures and video from the shoot:

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  3. My First Private Charter Flight and Why I Will Now Forever Struggle Flying Commercially

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    Hello! I’m Cathy Caldarola, Chartright’s new Director of Sales & Marketing. I recently had the opportunity to experience a private charter flight on board one of the corporate jets we manage – a Bombardier Challenger 601.  We needed to reposition the aircraft from Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) to our hangar in Kitchener/Waterloo (CYKF), so what better time to get me on board to familiarize myself with our products and services!

    Having only flown commercially all my life, I was trying to be cool when I boarded the jet…like, no big deal, right? Wrong! From the moment I climbed on board the aircraft, I was greeted with the luxurious interior and the warm smell of the leather chairs. My Chartright pilots were friendly and accommodating quickly offering to get me a bottle of Fiji water. Too bad this would be only an 18-minute flight and there was no time for a glass of wine.

    I could quickly see why chartering an aircraft is so much easier than flying commercially.  I did not have to: arrive at the airport 90-minutes early; wait in a long security line; walk a marathon to get to my gate; corral with the mass of other passengers waiting for my zone to be called to board the flight.  Nope, none of those!  My pilots had been alerted that I was walking to the aircraft, so I just climbed on board and selected the seat I wanted to sit in.  In all, it took less than five minutes from when I parked my car.

    It was just a quick taxi out of Pearson and we were on our way to Kitchener. Having flown commercially all these years, I wasn’t sure what else to expect…that is until I heard that familiar “ding” to alert me that the Captain was about to make an announcement and I had better be paying attention.  But that’s where the similarities to a commercial flight ended. Almost immediately, I was able to recline my already very comfortable leather chair to enjoy my short flight.  With no chatty passengers around to interrupt me, I was able to prop my iPad on my lap and actually get a bit of work done.  I could see why private charter is truly the way to travel:  easy, productive, comfortable, convenient, and a big time saver!

    Your time is precious! For your next business or personal travel, consider a private charter. Contact us today to quote your next trip:

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    Pictures of the Challenger 601:

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  4. Chartright Welcomes another Challenger 300 to the Fleet

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    Chartright is proud to welcome another Challenger 300 (C-FIOV) to the charter fleet in Toronto.

    The Bombardier Challenger 300 offers a spacious cabin capable of seating 9 passengers.  Fully loaded the Challenger 300 can fly up to 3,000 miles non-stop, and can achieve its full range of 3,300 miles with 7 passengers on board. The Challenger 300 boasts very low operating costs and a superbly appointed cabin.  The combination of cabin size and economics makes the Challenger 300 well suited for short, medium and long range flying.

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