Foreign Object Debris Campaign – Management vs Staff

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  1. Foreign Object Debris Campaign – Management vs Staff

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    Chartright just wrapped up a FOD campaign, and what a success it was! The campaign was a 60-day contest between Chartright’s Management and Staff to see who could collect the most FOD.  A total of 82.6 pounds of FOD was collected during the campaign with the Staff group winning by a margin of 8.6 pounds!

    What is FOD you ask?  FOD is Foreign Object Debris and includes a wide range of material, including loose hardware, pavement fragments, catering supplies, building materials, rocks, sand, pieces of luggage, and even wildlife.  It is essentially any object that does not belong in or near aircraft which can result in damage to the aircraft and injury to personnel. FOD can be found in the hangar or on aprons, taxiways, runways, and run-up pads.

    Angeline Ram, Chartright’s Safety Management System (SMS) and Audit Manager, along with Alexis Beniuk, an AME, and Simon Lareau and Ryan Bowman, both Production Managers, created the FOD campaign to infuse the company with the culture of vigilance and to engage employees to take action when they see FOD. Last year Chartright responded to an incident in which an ice bag had wrapped around the rotor of an aircraft while the aircraft was taxiing. Through Chartright’s SMS, we were able to raise awareness of the impact that FOD has on operations and employees’ day-to-day lives and what each individual can do about it.

    Removing FOD is critical to Chartright’s operation as damage resulting from FOD has historically compromised aviation safety.  As part of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) family, Chartright has a responsibility of taking care of Toronto Pearson’s North End by picking up FOD which may affect people, property, or the environment. Chartright is actively engaging employees and taking responsibility for FOD within our areas while strengthening our relationship with the GTAA and proactively developing in-house safety campaigns.  We are increasing awareness with a focus on best practice through our behavior.


  2. Chartright’s Kitchener-Waterloo FBO is a great alternative to Toronto Pearson

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    With the slot restrictions now in place at Toronto Pearson International Airport (CYYZ) complicating corporate air travel, the simplicity of flying in and out of the Region of Waterloo International Airport (CYKF) is a great alternative. Chartright has a beautiful, new hangar and full-service FBO at YKF that can comfortably handle all your business air travel needs.

    Our Waterloo facility offers:

    • 50,000-square-foot hangar space
    • Terminal with a passenger and crew lounge
    • Offices
    • On-site Canadian customs and immigration service available 24/7, with advanced notice
    • Fueling capabilities
    • Aircraft maintenance
    • De-icing/anti-icing services
    • Parking

    View Our FBO Webpage

    Helicopter Service from YKF

    Downtown Toronto is less than a 25-minute flight by helicopter from YKF. If you need to go to Toronto or anywhere else in the Greater Toronto Area, we can arrange helicopter service for you.

    Pictures of Our Waterloo Facility:

    Toronto Pearson alternative - CYKF hangar Toronto Pearson alternative - CYKF FBO1 Toronto Pearson alternative - CYKF FBO2 Toronto Pearson alternative - CYKF hangar2 Toronto Pearson alternative - CYKF fuel farm Toronto Pearson alternative - CYKF hangar3