Private jet and helicopter charter benefits

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  1. Private jet and helicopter charter benefits

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    Chartright lets you call the shots when it comes to air travel

    “Time is our most precious commodity. Most of us want to enjoy as much of it as we can with friends and family. Nobody wants to spend it jammed in gridlock or standing in an airport line and stressing out about making your flight on time.

    When you decide to travel by chartered air service, you’re buying time and control.

    “There’s no uncertainly about when you’re going to get to your destination”, says Adam Keller, President at Chartright Air Group. In addition to offering on-demand private jet charter and management services, Chartright offers helicopter service to the Muskoka region during summer months. “If you can leave from the city at three o’clock, you’re going to be on your property in Muskoka by 3:45”, says Adam.

    Once seen strictly as extravagance, Adam says there’s been an increasing trend in recent years towards using charter flights as a viable option to traditional commercial air travel.”

    *This is an excerpt from the “Buying Control” article by Matt Driscoll on Chartright and the benefits of chartering a private jet or helicopter. Click here to read the rest of the article in the Cayman Marshall Muskoka Real Estate Magazine.

    Article by Matt Driscoll